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Archived Webinars

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Office

June 1st @ 12PM (PST)


The presence of natural elements in the workspace has a demonstrable impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of its occupants. Research across various industries reveals the advantages of bringing the outside world into office design such as increased concentration levels to reduced fatigue​.  Science– along with copious anecdotal evidence– shows that a stimulating workplace that facilitates a tangible connection with nature boosts morale, decreases mental fatigue, and allows creativity to flourish. Click for more info

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Acoustics 101

May 18th @ 12PM (PST)


This webinar will familiarize you with basic acoustical concepts, how sound behaves and effects our living spaces.

...Click for more info

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Feeling Good to Feeling WELL

April 20th @ 12PM (PST)


Historically, there have been various ways to measure how an interior space “works.” The metric may be sq. ft./person or cost/sq. ft. Such determinants have a rightful place among the principles of design, but it is possible to reconcile economic necessities with design that’s intelligent, interesting and human-centered. This session outlines how the essential components of design intersect with the principle components of the WELL Building Standard to create spaces that promote psychological well-being…resulting in more engaged, inspired, and empowered workers.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Specifying for Drapery: Fabric to Fabrication

March 16th @ 12PM (PST)


There are many factors that go into selecting the right window fabric and fabrication combination. Beyond selecting fabrics for aesthetics, designers will learn about fibers and content, hand and drape, code requirements and the most common fabrications for contract applications. This course will arm designers with the questions to ask, enabling them to make the optimal choice for the desired end result. Click for more info

**BIFMA CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Why Standards Matter

February 16th @ 12PM (PST)


What are your primary considerations when selecting furniture? This course provides knowledge to the A&D community, facility managers, building owners, end users, and manufacturers about BIFMA’s mission and work. The course explains Why Standards Matter to all who are involved in furniture procurement to ensure decisions are informed by safety, wellness, and sustainability. Click for more info

Webinar "2023: What's new in Workplace Trends?"

February 2nd @ 12PM (PST)


As we continue to evolve the way we work, our workplaces must also adapt. Trends can help provide insights and open a larger conversation to understand organizational and human needs. Join Roopa Segu-Virk as she examines current trends and what to expect for 2023. Note this is not a CEU accredited course.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Why Scandinavian Design Is Taking The U.S. By Storm

December 8th @ 12PM (PST)


Scandinavian design has captured the hearts and minds of the U.S. market. From architects and designers to college students, the rich heritage, iconic mid-century appeal, and residential influence of players like Ikea have made a major impact on interiors today.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: The WELL Building Standard & How Floor Covering

Impacts Health & Well-Being
November 24th @ 12PM (PST)


This course reviews specific features of the International WELL Building Standard, discusses how organizations like the WELL Living Lab are contributing to testing and developing future requirements of the standard and explains the ways floor covering can impact the health and welfare of the building's occupants. Key criteria such as aesthetics, comfort, acoustics, indoor air quality and moisture management are discussed along with certain behavioural and organizational modifications that can contribute to improving health and well-being.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Resistance to Resilience: Make the Shift 
October 20th @ 12PM (PST)


The world is in a continuous state of change, and our best bet for survival is to learn how to be more change capable.  In Resistance to Resilience – Make the Shift, we examine why change is hard, how we feel about change and the importance of mindset throughout the process. The goal is to help prepare ourselves to be more open and welcoming of change, to see it not as difficult, costly and weird but as doable, rewarding and normal. Being capable of and comfortable with change is an invaluable skill for our rapidly changing world.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Power Up and Press Play with Esport Spaces
September 29th @ 12PM (PST)


Given the overwhelming popularity of video gaming, the rise of esports isn't surprising, and many schools are now embracing structured esports programs as an alternative or in addition to traditional sports. During this webinar, participants will learn the benefits of esports and delve into what you'll need to design a high functioning winning esports lab for the greatest social emotional and academic outcomes. Find out more and press "PLAY"!

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: BIOPHILIC DESIGN: Nature in the Workplace
June 2nd @ 12PM (PST)


Biophilic design is loosely defined as the science proving how humans are healthier, more productive, more creative and learn faster when in the presence of nature (plants, water, sunlight, fresh air, natural patterns and natural materials). This can apply to products, buildings, campuses and cities.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Healthy Materials
May 12th @ 12PM (PST)


We spend almost all of our time in the built environment, surrounded by manufactured products, so it’s not surprising that the chemical ingredients used to make these products impact our health and the health of our environment. Materials release chemicals so understanding how these chemicals come into contact with and interact with our bodies is an important part of making informed design decisions and we will speak to the importance of transparency in selecting healthier building products. Join our discussion around how the materials we use directly and indirectly impact human health and the environment and what we can do as a design community to insist on transparency and make informed decisions around what we put in our projects.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: The Key to Happier & Healthier Workspaces
April 21st @ 12PM (PST)


This seminar aims to educate designers, architects and facility managers about the need to consider acoustics at the start of a project—providing information that will help them convince their clients.  Attendees will gain insights and a better understanding of the importance and impact of sound in a daily working environment. The instructor will share tips and tricks on how sound can be mastered and balanced with reference to different types of acoustic issues that occur in the workplace. Additionally, attendees will learn how acoustic products are tested for their performance and how to consider comparisons between different acoustic elements.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: The True Measure of a Space
Mar 24th @ 12PM (PST)


Every interior evokes a response among those who interact with it. If an interior space—in particular, a workspace— derives meaning from its inhabitants, then we will measure a space—whatever its function—by how it makes us feel. This seminar puts interior design to use to create more happiness at work. Using sketches, mood boards and real project examples, the conversation will range across the types of spaces one encounters in the modern office over the course of a workday, to propose that feeling welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable helps people to do their best work.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Linking Learning Space Design to Evidence-Based

Research To Amplify Learning
Feb 24th @ 12PM (PST)


To effectively prepare today's students for the future, learners must be exposed to various styles of teaching and learning. Creating future ready graduates extends beyond teaching styles, curriculum or pedagogy and into the physical spaces that students inhabit and interact with daily.  By understanding how learning spaces directly contribute to or take away from the learning experiences of students and teachers, participants will be equipped to design impactful learning environments. Learn More

Webinar: A Whole New Way of Working

Jan 13th @ 12PM (PST)

The past 2 years forced us all to pivot how we work. Which has presented us with the opportunity to reconsider the role of the office as we move into the future. In this presentation we will briefly reflect on some of the learnings we have gleaned during this experimental time of remote working. We will explore how Studio TK products can help support the key tenets of the modern office, creating settings that offer choice, and help build community and connection.

**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "Healthy Walls: Choosing Sustainable Wallcoverings"
December 9th @ 12pm (PST)

Learn about the sustainability facts and myths about high-performance wallcoverings and discover the critical differences that makes a wallcovering safe and responsible for people and the planet in this upcoming live CEU webinar.

**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "The Power of Acoustic Lighting"
November 18th @ 12pm (PST)

Happiness, health, and well-being have never been higher on the agenda of organizations worldwide. This course will showcase how adequate acoustics and lighting play a key role on mental health and physical well-being in the workspace. The course will also help designers, architects and facility managers to get a better understanding of the importance of considering acoustics and acoustic lighting at the start of each project. After this session, acoustic lighting will no longer be an afterthought.

Webinar: "Get Out of Line: Nurturing Adaptability in Design"
November 4th @ 12pm (PST)

The last two years have required creativity and adaptability, qualities that make it possible to thrive in arduous circumstances. What's the relationship between this mindset and interior design?  Biophilia asserts that the forms of nature are intrinsically welcoming and supportive. However, our architecture and cities are primarily built with straight lines, which in natural settings tend to be aggressive and inflexible. Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant and WELL AP Mark Ainley will draw upon centuries-old insights from Feng Shui as well as science-backed findings to examine the impact of sharp lines and angles on mindset and behaviour.

Webinar: "The Next Normal - What's the Future of Ergonomics?
October 21st @ 12pm (PST)

How we work has changed a lot since March 2020. Taking home your laptop, and working on your kitchen table has evolved significantly over the past 18 months. With so many employees now working at home 100% of the time, or participating in a hybrid work model, ergonomics is now more important than ever.  Join this information session to refresh your knowledge on ergonomic principles, and learn strategies that other organizations are implementing to minimize risk.

**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "A Commonsense Guide to Coated Fabrics”
October 7th @ 12pm (PST)

Not all coated upholsteries are made the same. Vinyl, polyurethane, and silicone may look the same, but dig under the surface aesthetics to find out how they differ in performance and sustainability.

Learn how they are made and how to care for them so that they’ll look great and perform their best. Discover the strengths and weakness of each content, how to choose the best quality, and tips for optimal application. Assess and compare vinyl, polyurethane & silicone on the environmental impact of their chemistry, additives, & manufacturing. Lastly, take a peek into what’s on the horizon – new materials and new resources that will impact the market in the next 10 years.

Webinar: "Future Smart”
September 23rd @ 12pm (PST)

At Teknion, we remain optimists. We envision a decade of renewed creative energy as we find new ways to conduct our lives and our work. And while we cannot predict with certainty the course of cultural or corporate evolution, we can plan—and design—for uncertainty. We understand the extraordinary complexity of designing a workplace in the context of heightened concerns about health and safety, personal and corporate responsibility. We are committed to deepening our knowledge, posing more and better questions, and developing new products born of lessons learned. Whatever the future looks like, Teknion will offer products that allow for transitional solutions that help companies to adapt and re-adapt, that are indeed “future smart.”

**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "Designing Healthy Work Environments”
Thursday, September 9th @ 12pm (PST)

The way we work is changing. It’s now more important than ever that people move through various modes and postures of work, wherever they work, comfortably.  In this educational program, we aim to elevate your awareness of ergonomic concerns and provide an overview of common musculoskeletal problems facing today’s technology-intensive workforce. We’ll discuss key research developments in seating, input device design, display technology and lighting, as well as employee training to support these tools.

**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "Mind Over Space: Neurodiversity & Learning Spaces of the Future
Thursday, June 24th @12pm (PST)

Our learning, working, creating, and socializing environments have a much greater unconscious impact on us than we realize. Sensory overload occurs daily and can lead to a high level of disengagement, breakdown in relationships, and low productivity.  On the opposite side, environments with low sensory stimulation can leave us feeling the same way too.  This interactive CEU will explore how the brain processes sensory information and the key concepts of neurodiversity.  It will also identify how both sensory processing and neurodiversity effect the way people listen, learn, play, and collaborate in a variety of spaces.  With the increase of remote working and learning, social distancing, time in front of screens, and digital fatigue the discussion of sensory engagement and understanding of our sensory intelligence is more relevant than ever.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "The Coming of Age of Telehealth

Thursday, June 10th @12pm (PST)

We are living through a major societal shift that is permanently changing how people live, work, play and

travel – and, of course, access healthcare. This CEU course will help you:

  • Describe the different models of telehealth delivery

  • Present the proven benefits to patients, providers and families

  • Discuss current strategies for telehealth implementation

  • Provide solutions to healthcare providers as they implement and evolve their telehealth strategic initiatives

Webinar: "Designing For Human Behaviour”

Thursday, May 27th @12pm (PST)

Much of what we talk about in Architecture and Interior Design focuses on the user experience. In order to design the most effective solution, we look to understand what user needs are, and the behaviors that drive them. In this presentation we will discuss the principles of social psychology that help us understand what motivates human behaviors, and how to use that information to inform the design process. As we move forward into a post-pandemic world it will be more important than ever to put these principles into practice in the creation of future workplaces.

Webinar: "FENG SHUI: Refining Design with The Five Elements”

Thursday, May 13th @12pm (PST)

The Five Elements are a key component of Feng Shui applications, their balanced use supporting harmony and equilibrium in interior settings. In March, Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant, Mark Ainley, presented an insightful introduction to this topic and by popular demand, he is offering a follow-up seminar to explore these elements in more depth. Particular focus will be paid to how different combinations can create impactful design statements and nurturing experiences.     

Webinar: "Telescope: The Post-Covid Workplace"

Thursday, April 29th @12pm (PST)

What's Next for Work? This new presentation from Greg Dekker, Teknion's Vice President of Global Workplace Insights, is created from internal and external research to take an unbiased lens to trends, reactions and implications impacting workplaces everywhere. The presentation takes place via a Mentimeter link, so expect a lively and engaging digital experience. One Telescope participant said, "It seems like every few pages could be a team workshop." 

Webinar: "Ergonomics in the Post-Covid Environment"

Thursday, April 8th @12pm (PST)

Join us for the first of a 3-part series focused on the post-Covid work environment. This session will focus on the relevance of ergonomics ergonomics in the new normal. As people transition back to the office either permanently, or semi-permanently in a temporary and/or shared space we will be faced with unique challenges to achieve the same safety and comfort we know is critical at the workspace. We will be focusing on ergonomics at home, and key tools needed to achieve ergonomic fundamentals easily taking into account the new current trends.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "The Discovery Dilemma"

Thursday, March 25th @12pm (PST)

Often, we tend to jump to the solutions but may exclude a critical part of the creative problem solving. Through this interactive CEU, design thinking principles are applied, bringing the discovery process to life. Simple and effective tools used to define and solve a complex problem are shared throughout. The workplace is used as a foundation to illuminate how to use the tools, but are analogous to any complex issue you are facing.

Webinar: "Feng Shui: Integrated Balance"

Thursday, March 11th @12pm (PST)

The Five Elements are a key component of Feng Shui and other Chinese healing arts, their balance influencing our mindsets and states of being. Each of these natural building blocks can be introduced into design not just by using the materials but by incorporating related colours, shapes, and imagery.  In this fascinating presentation, learn the key characteristics of these five elements, and how they can strategically be integrated in both personal and professional spaces for greater harmony and equilibrium. 

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Generation Z: Why Design is Changing...Again!"

Thursday, February 25th @12pm (PST)

As the post-millennial Generation makes its way into college and the corporate world, it’s imperative for institutions and organizations to holistically grasp and comprehend not just the way Z’s learn, retain, and comprehend information, but the events that have shaped them and who they are.The future students and professionals are coming, are we designing with them in mind yet?

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Designing for Health: Creating a Happy and Healthy Campus" Friday, February 12th @12pm (PST)

If happiness is hardwired into us all, shouldn't it be hardwired into our academic spaces as well? This interactive forum explores the science of both stress and happiness and how designing for feelings impacts academic spaces. It also examines the role of biophilic design and how academic furniture and finish selections relate to the WELL Building Standards.

Webinar: "Feng Shui for Inner & Outer Health"

Thursday, January 28th @12pm (PST)

In this presentation, Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant, Mark Ainley, will highlight practical ways that you can adjust your home and work environments to support aligned wellness in your physical and inner being, from energy levels and physical robustness to mental aptitude and emotional balance.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Lick the Frog"

Thursday, January 14th @12pm (PST)

When there is a problem to solve, creativity comes to the rescue. But when a solution works, we often don’t explore other options. What if there are better solutions?

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Nature in the Workplace"

Tuesday, Dec 15th @12pm (PST)

How can we learn and benefit from nature when creating the manmade? Learn the science behind creating a productive workplace using the perfect balance of "biophilic design".

Webinar: "The New Office Mandate"

Thursday, November 26th @12pm (PST)

Learn what the experts are saying about how social environments will play an even more important role in the return to the office. For many people, working remotely has been a positive change, but this shift has highlighted a number of things we miss about the office. How can we bring both worlds together? Join us for an interactive virtual presentation to explore this challenging question.

Webinar: "The Key to Happier & Healthier Workspaces"

Tuesday, November 10th @ 9:30AM (PST)

Did you know that by designing the perfect 'sound frame', workspaces can be havens for supporting mental health and physical well-being? Discover the art of  acoustic architecture.

Webinar: "Divert! Adding furniture to the circular economy"

Thursday, October 29th @12pm (PST)

Statistics show that 68% of Canadian offices end up in landfill. Learn how to sell, donate, or recycle any brand of end-of-life furniture. ZERO WASTE is the goal!

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