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Design Snob Trivia Night

Thursday, May 16, 5pm-9pm 

Location: #380-1050 Homer St., Vancouver, BC

Please bring your snobbiest self and enjoy some cocktails, canapes, and design trivia!

Moss Art Workshop

Thursday, May 23, 5pm-8pm 

Location: #380-1050 Homer St., Vancouver, BC

Enjoy a beginner friendly Moss Art worship with Anna. Supplies, Snacks and Drinks Provided.

Game Night Queso N' Quest

Thursday, June 20, 5pm-8pm

Location: #380-1050 Homer St., Vancouver, BC


Bring your friends and join us for a fun evening of games, Mexican snacks, and margaritas at the Chase Collaboration Center. See you there!

Archived Webinars

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Biophilic Design - Designing for Increased

Employee Performance

November 23rd @ 12PM (PST)


In the built environment, we can use the emerging field of Biophilic design to create building interiors that connect people to nature; that are connect to their place and mimic a sensory delight of a hike through the woods; that evoke emotions we feel when immersed in water, that bring nature’s smells, sounds, colors and textures indoors. Biophilia has historically been considered a “nice to have” benefit but evidence-based design is proving that there is benefit in these physical and psychological connections with attraction and retention being high on the list of employee satisfaction.

**Not a CEU**

Webinar: The Art of Attracting Talent Back to the Office

October 19th @ 12PM (PST)


Through the synergy of extensive research and the use of unusual materials, Frovi has pioneered a groundbreaking approach collaborating with clients to design solutions that entices workforce back to the office not by force, but through genuine attraction. Join this webinar to explore the strategies they recommend, harnessing the power of workspace design and its remarkable capacity to elevate employee productivity and well-being.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: The True Measure Of A Space Is How It Makes Us Feel

September 28th @ 12PM (PST)


Every interior evokes a response among those who interact with it. If an interior space—in particular, a workspace—derives meaning from its inhabitants, then we will measure a space—whatever its function—by how it makes us feel. This seminar puts interior design to use to create a more happiness at work. Using sketches, mood boards, and real project examples, the conversation will range across the types of spaces one encounters in the modern office over the course of a workday, to propose that feeling welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable helps people to do their best work.

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