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**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "Designing Healthy Work Environments”
Thursday, September 9th @ 12pm (PST)

The way we work is changing. It’s now more important than ever that people move through various modes and postures of work, wherever they work, comfortably.  In this educational program, we aim to elevate your awareness of ergonomic concerns and provide an overview of common musculoskeletal problems facing today’s technology-intensive workforce. We’ll discuss key research developments in seating, input device design, display technology and lighting, as well as employee training to support these tools.

Webinar: "Future Smart”
September TBA 

At Teknion, we envision a path forward, inspired by an informed optimism, equipped with tools that are simple, smart and able.  Startled by a global event that arrived without warning, a virus that leaps across borders and boundaries, we see that we are, all of us, connected by a fragile biology, as well as the aims we share. Can we now enlarge our thinking? Can we make room for a more inclusive sense of purpose? Will we shape a future that looks like the world we want to see?  Join us as we explore what the future might bring.


Archived Webinars

**CEU Accredited**
Webinar: "Mind Over Space: Neurodiversity & Learning Spaces of the Future
Thursday, June 24th @12pm (PST)

Our learning, working, creating, and socializing environments have a much greater unconscious impact on us than we realize. Sensory overload occurs daily and can lead to a high level of disengagement, breakdown in relationships, and low productivity.  On the opposite side, environments with low sensory stimulation can leave us feeling the same way too.  This interactive CEU will explore how the brain processes sensory information and the key concepts of neurodiversity.  It will also identify how both sensory processing and neurodiversity effect the way people listen, learn, play, and collaborate in a variety of spaces.  With the increase of remote working and learning, social distancing, time in front of screens, and digital fatigue the discussion of sensory engagement and understanding of our sensory intelligence is more relevant than ever. Learn more

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "The Coming of Age of Telehealth

Thursday, June 10th @12pm (PST)

We are living through a major societal shift that is permanently changing how people live, work, play and

travel – and, of course, access healthcare. This CEU course will help you:

  • Describe the different models of telehealth delivery

  • Present the proven benefits to patients, providers and families

  • Discuss current strategies for telehealth implementation

  • Provide solutions to healthcare providers as they implement and evolve their telehealth strategic initiatives

Webinar: "Designing For Human Behaviour”

Thursday, May 27th @12pm (PST)

Much of what we talk about in Architecture and Interior Design focuses on the user experience. In order to design the most effective solution, we look to understand what user needs are, and the behaviors that drive them. In this presentation we will discuss the principles of social psychology that help us understand what motivates human behaviors, and how to use that information to inform the design process. As we move forward into a post-pandemic world it will be more important than ever to put these principles into practice in the creation of future workplaces.

Webinar: "FENG SHUI: Refining Design with The Five Elements”

Thursday, May 13th @12pm (PST)

The Five Elements are a key component of Feng Shui applications, their balanced use supporting harmony and equilibrium in interior settings. In March, Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant, Mark Ainley, presented an insightful introduction to this topic and by popular demand, he is offering a follow-up seminar to explore these elements in more depth. Particular focus will be paid to how different combinations can create impactful design statements and nurturing experiences.     

Webinar: "Telescope: The Post-Covid Workplace"

Thursday, April 29th @12pm (PST)

What's Next for Work? This new presentation from Greg Dekker, Teknion's Vice President of Global Workplace Insights, is created from internal and external research to take an unbiased lens to trends, reactions and implications impacting workplaces everywhere. The presentation takes place via a Mentimeter link, so expect a lively and engaging digital experience. One Telescope participant said, "It seems like every few pages could be a team workshop." 

Webinar: "Ergonomics in the Post-Covid Environment"

Thursday, April 8th @12pm (PST)

Join us for the first of a 3-part series focused on the post-Covid work environment. This session will focus on the relevance of ergonomics ergonomics in the new normal. As people transition back to the office either permanently, or semi-permanently in a temporary and/or shared space we will be faced with unique challenges to achieve the same safety and comfort we know is critical at the workspace. We will be focusing on ergonomics at home, and key tools needed to achieve ergonomic fundamentals easily taking into account the new current trends.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "The Discovery Dilemma"

Thursday, March 25th @12pm (PST)

Often, we tend to jump to the solutions but may exclude a critical part of the creative problem solving. Through this interactive CEU, design thinking principles are applied, bringing the discovery process to life. Simple and effective tools used to define and solve a complex problem are shared throughout. The workplace is used as a foundation to illuminate how to use the tools, but are analogous to any complex issue you are facing.

Webinar: "Feng Shui: Integrated Balance"

Thursday, March 11th @12pm (PST)

The Five Elements are a key component of Feng Shui and other Chinese healing arts, their balance influencing our mindsets and states of being. Each of these natural building blocks can be introduced into design not just by using the materials but by incorporating related colours, shapes, and imagery.  In this fascinating presentation, learn the key characteristics of these five elements, and how they can strategically be integrated in both personal and professional spaces for greater harmony and equilibrium. 

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Generation Z: Why Design is Changing...Again!"

Thursday, February 25th @12pm (PST)

As the post-millennial Generation makes its way into college and the corporate world, it’s imperative for institutions and organizations to holistically grasp and comprehend not just the way Z’s learn, retain, and comprehend information, but the events that have shaped them and who they are.The future students and professionals are coming, are we designing with them in mind yet?

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Designing for Health: Creating a Happy and Healthy Campus" Friday, February 12th @12pm (PST)

If happiness is hardwired into us all, shouldn't it be hardwired into our academic spaces as well? This interactive forum explores the science of both stress and happiness and how designing for feelings impacts academic spaces. It also examines the role of biophilic design and how academic furniture and finish selections relate to the WELL Building Standards.

Webinar: "Feng Shui for Inner & Outer Health"

Thursday, January 28th @12pm (PST)

In this presentation, Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant, Mark Ainley, will highlight practical ways that you can adjust your home and work environments to support aligned wellness in your physical and inner being, from energy levels and physical robustness to mental aptitude and emotional balance.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Lick the Frog"

Thursday, January 14th @12pm (PST)

When there is a problem to solve, creativity comes to the rescue. But when a solution works, we often don’t explore other options. What if there are better solutions?

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Nature in the Workplace"

Tuesday, Dec 15th @12pm (PST)

How can we learn and benefit from nature when creating the manmade? Learn the science behind creating a productive workplace using the perfect balance of "biophilic design".

Webinar: "The New Office Mandate"

Thursday, November 26th @12pm (PST)

Learn what the experts are saying about how social environments will play an even more important role in the return to the office. For many people, working remotely has been a positive change, but this shift has highlighted a number of things we miss about the office. How can we bring both worlds together? Join us for an interactive virtual presentation to explore this challenging question.

Webinar: "The Key to Happier & Healthier Workspaces"

Tuesday, November 10th @ 9:30AM (PST)

Did you know that by designing the perfect 'sound frame', workspaces can be havens for supporting mental health and physical well-being? Discover the art of  acoustic architecture.

Webinar: "Divert! Adding furniture to the circular economy"

Thursday, October 29th @12pm (PST)

Statistics show that 68% of Canadian offices end up in landfill. Learn how to sell, donate, or recycle any brand of end-of-life furniture. ZERO WASTE is the goal!


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