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**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: The True Measure Of A Space Is How It Makes Us Feel

September 28th @ 12PM (PST)


Every interior evokes a response among those who interact with it. If an interior space—in particular, a workspace—derives meaning from its inhabitants, then we will measure a space—whatever its function—by how it makes us feel. This seminar puts interior design to use to create a more happiness at work. Using sketches, mood boards, and real project examples, the conversation will range across the types of spaces one encounters in the modern office over the course of a workday, to propose that feeling welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable helps people to do their best work.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Biophilic Design - Designing for Increased

Employee Performance

November 16th @ 12PM (PST)


In the built environment, we can use the emerging field of Biophilic design to create building interiors that connect people to nature; that are connect to their place and mimic a sensory delight of a hike through the woods; that evoke emotions we feel when immersed in water, that bring nature’s smells, sounds, colors and textures indoors. Biophilia has historically been considered a “nice to have” benefit but evidence-based design is proving that there is benefit in these physical and psychological connections with attraction and retention being high on the list of employee satisfaction.

Archived Webinars

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Office

June 1st @ 12PM (PST)


The presence of natural elements in the workspace has a demonstrable impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of its occupants. Research across various industries reveals the advantages of bringing the outside world into office design such as increased concentration levels to reduced fatigue​.  Science– along with copious anecdotal evidence– shows that a stimulating workplace that facilitates a tangible connection with nature boosts morale, decreases mental fatigue, and allows creativity to flourish. Click for more info

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Acoustics 101

May 18th @ 12PM (PST)


This webinar will familiarize you with basic acoustical concepts, how sound behaves and effects our living spaces.

...Click for more info

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Feeling Good to Feeling WELL

April 20th @ 12PM (PST)


Historically, there have been various ways to measure how an interior space “works.” The metric may be sq. ft./person or cost/sq. ft. Such determinants have a rightful place among the principles of design, but it is possible to reconcile economic necessities with design that’s intelligent, interesting and human-centered. This session outlines how the essential components of design intersect with the principle components of the WELL Building Standard to create spaces that promote psychological well-being…resulting in more engaged, inspired, and empowered workers.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: Specifying for Drapery: Fabric to Fabrication

March 16th @ 12PM (PST)


There are many factors that go into selecting the right window fabric and fabrication combination. Beyond selecting fabrics for aesthetics, designers will learn about fibers and content, hand and drape, code requirements and the most common fabrications for contract applications. This course will arm designers with the questions to ask, enabling them to make the optimal choice for the desired end result. Click for more info

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