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Webinar: "Feng Shui for Inner & Outer Health"

Thursday, January 28th @12pm (PST)

In this presentation, Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant, Mark Ainley, will highlight practical ways that you can adjust your home and work environments to support aligned wellness in your physical and inner being, from energy levels and physical robustness to mental aptitude and emotional balance.

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Designing for Health: Creating a Happy and Healthy Campus"

Friday, February 12th @12pm (PST)

If happiness is hardwired into us all, shouldn't it be hardwired into our academic spaces as well? This interactive forum explores the science of both stress and happiness and how designing for feelings impacts academic spaces. It also examines the role of biophilic design and how academic furniture and finish selections relate to the WELL Building Standards.


Archived Webinars

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Lick the Frog"

Thursday, January 14th @12pm (PST)

When there is a problem to solve, creativity comes to the rescue. But when a solution works, we often don’t explore other options. What if there are better solutions?

**CEU Accredited**

Webinar: "Nature in the Workplace"

Tuesday, Dec 15th @12pm (PST)

How can we learn and benefit from nature when creating the manmade? Learn the science behind creating a productive workplace using the perfect balance of "biophilic design".

Webinar: "The New Office Mandate"

Thursday, November 26th @12pm (PST)

Learn what the experts are saying about how social environments will play an even more important role in the return to the office. For many people, working remotely has been a positive change, but this shift has highlighted a number of things we miss about the office. How can we bring both worlds together? Join us for an interactive virtual presentation to explore this challenging question.

Webinar: "The Key to Happier & Healthier Workspaces"

Tuesday, November 10th @ 9:30AM (PST)

Did you know that by designing the perfect 'sound frame', workspaces can be havens for supporting mental health and physical well-being? Discover the art of  acoustic architecture.

Webinar: "Divert! Adding furniture to the circular economy"

Thursday, October 29th @12pm (PST)

Statistics show that 68% of Canadian offices end up in landfill. Learn how to sell, donate, or recycle any brand of end-of-life furniture. ZERO WASTE is the goal!


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